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MIBO Komunikacije Workshop Held at IUS

On Friday, May 20, 2022, IUS study programs Software Engineering and Computer Sciences and Engineering (SCE/SE) organized a workshop with MIBO Komunikacije, a company with one of the best teams of ICT experts in BiH. The company MIBO Komunikacije has had a big impact on the growth of the telecommunications and IT markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of the region.

Developing future networking specialists requires not only the acquisition of current theoretical knowledge but also the development of a wide range of highly desirable practical abilities. In light of these challenges, our Computer Sciences and Engineering/Software Engineering (CSE/SE) study programs adopted a learner-centered approach in which technical courses are highly impacted by the learning-by/when-doing education model.

The goal of the workshop was to teach students the foundations of computer networking and instruct them on how to perform practical and problem-oriented activities on real network devices. At the start of the workshop, students had to use the Cisco Packet Tracer software tool to set up a network topology and configure it in 15 minutes. After that, they proceeded with working with real equipment, performing basic configurations for routers and switches, implementing IP addressing schemes, configuring and troubleshooting routers and switches for advanced functionality using best practices. Students had the opportunity to apply what they have learned so far in the SE308 Communication Systems and Networks course in the real world and network with professional network engineers.

According to the announcement made during the workshop, the best students from three universities, including IUS, were given an exclusive opportunity of scholarship and practical work until their graduation, with a requirement to participate in the MIBO Summer School for system engineers. The Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch, a networking device that was utilized throughout the workshop, was shaped into a cake to honor the successful completion of this constructive, educational, and pleasant event. Student participation certificates were given out in recognition of their hard work and as a motivating factor for them to continue. Special thanks to Mr. Brkanić (Head of Technical Department at MIBO Komunikacije), Mrs. Tandir and Mrs. Orman (MIBO Engineers) for their contribution to the workshop.