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Porsche BH Presents E-vehicles at International University of Sarajevo

A global market leader in the premium segment of the automotive industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Porsche BH visited the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) on May 19, 2022. Since founding of the company in 1930s, Porsche has been a synonym of luxury, growth, innovation, sustainability and responsibility.

The event organized in cooperation with Porsche BH included two panel discussions on the latest trends in the electric vehicle sector, an electric vehicle exhibition and a quiz with prizes for IUS students. After a welcoming speech by Associate Professor Dr. Edin Jahić, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Mr. Imran Stambol AUDI brand manager addressed the audience and spoke about Porsche being a leader in automotive industry developments and worldwide recognized car brand. Afterwards, professor emeritus at the International University of Sarajevo, Dr. Asif Šabanović held a presentation on the historical development of the automotive industry and the expectations we have for the future including enhanced implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in manufacturing.

The first panel session was dedicated to the business and IT sector of the automotive industry and the panelists were: Mr. Haris Muratović, MOON brand manager; Ms. Arnela Salkić, IT manager in Porsche BH; Ms. Maela Ajnadžić, service technique/customer care in Porsche BH; Associate Professor Dr. Kanita Karađuzović Hadžiabdić, Computer Sciences and Engineering program coordinator; Edin Žiga, third year student of Software Engineering at IUS and Nedim Kunovac, third year student of Computer Sciences at IUS. The panelists discussed BiH potential for boosting the usage of electrical cars and the country’s path towards a more sustainable future.

The second panel session was oriented more towards the mechanical and electrical aspects of the automotive industry. In this panel discussion the audience had an opportunity to hear from Mr. Jasmin Lučkin, e-mobility project manager; Assistant Professor Dr. Tarik Namas, Electrical and Electronics Engineering program coordinator; Šejla Džakmić, Electrical Engineering PhD fellow; Ammar Hodža, Mechanical Engineering PhD fellow; Farah Memić, Electrical Engineering Master student and Aida Bevrnja, fourth year student of Electrical Engineering at IUS. The panelists agreed that innovation and advancement of the mechanical and software aspects have helped to create the new generation of vehicles that will be more sustainable and better for our environment.

The event itself and the topics discussed stirred a great interest among IUS students who gladly participated in the organized panels and the quiz which was later organized by the Porsche BH staff.

The event ended by an electrical vehicle exhibition held at the IUS campus, where students had the ability to get a firsthand experience of the newest electrical car models from Porsche BH.