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Stay Safe in Cyberspace

On the occasion of marking the Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and its Computer Science Engineering and Software Engineering study programs organized an event on October 18, 2022 titled „# Be Safe in Cyberspace.“ The event was organized in hybrid mode and brought together representatives of the Cisco Systems, MIBO Komunikacije and Deloitte companies from BiH as well as online participants from Spain, Portugal and Azerbaijan.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness on the need of good digital hygiene in today's interconnected world. Considering the fact that cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated, it is crucial to take counter measures to fight them. Ensuring safety in cyberspace is essential and the participants had the chance to learn about the online safety precaution measures. Moreover, while listening to the industry professionals, the students were introduced to the significance of cybersecurity industry and learned about the cybersecurity pathways and opportunities.  The eminent speakers presented the perks and benefits of the industry and gave some guidelines to the students preparing them for the demands and requirements of the job.

The final part of the event was a panel discussion in which four IUS students, Fatima Muftić, Ali Zaimović, Anela Coković and Erna Berbić, took part and replied to the questions regarding their learning experience, cyberspace experiences and possible cyber-attacks, and precautionary measures that they undertake to protect their data and identity on social media.